The Westpac Group wanted a local bank concept that would break down the physical and emotional barriers between customers and staff.
The expansion created a new local bank for Victoria, creating a new brand, new retail based store concept, new staffing and new performance model achieving a 100+ stores expansion 10 formats Including mobile bank 100% increase in new customers.




As Part of the OPTUS/SINGTEL rebrand in Australia, Greater Group were appointed as a head contractor to manage a nationwide rollout of 300 stores end to end…re-opening up to 20 stores a month nationally. niubusiness partnered with Greater Group to ensure the engagement was setup for success and that the cost, time & quality objectives were met. Together we achieve a capex reduction of ~35% and a reduction in time to build from 17 to 15 days.
5 FORMATS optimisation, 300 STORE rollout, 30% reduction in capex,19% increase in sales.

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